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When music was re designated in our mental universes and dislocated into the superficial world of "entertainment" where a lot that's brewed in that space is the mind candy that only feeds the delusion of spiritual presence in Abantu who have been taken off Kwa Ntu, their cosmic axis and orientation for the infinite elevation to uprightness, came our Brother, a humble student of Life, a Great Teacher of Botho, and a Warrior of our Race, Mpho Tinyiko Given Mphago herein manifesting an avalanche of Ancestral luminaries musically assembled in his person called AZAH!

His music is, particularly the offering 'Batswadi', is to some of an Ancestral gift of memory and, as in the words of the legendary Phily Soul maker, an Afrikan Elder in the diaspora, Kenneth Gamble - "Man Understanding Spiritual Information Clearly" (M.U.S.I.C). AZAH is the ensemble and representation of the essence of the foregoing description by Elder Kenneth Gamble. Behold Lesedi (luminous light) in AZAH's offering 'Batswadi'. The  Ancestors have spoken!!!                      

by Itumeleng Makale



Giving Thanks



I OFFER SPECIAL THANKS TO MODIMO AND THE SPIRITS OF OUR ANCESTORS. Go Badimo ba Mphago, ba MabasO, ba Tabane, ba Mokgokong – Re a Leboga //

My grandparents Regina & David Chimane Mphago who have had an incredible and indelible impact on my life. I wish you were here to see this come to pass, but I know you are watching over me from a better place. // My Mother Amanda Mphago, I owe you my life. Thank You for this life and the unwavering support. // My Father John Khabi Mabaso. Tyma odese! You have given all you can and I thank you. // Ntate Philip Nchipi Tabane. You have been my inspiration and role model from before I could even dream. The philosophy and music of Malombo has shaped me to be the person I am today.

The Queens who have given birth to my daughters Uhuru and Nubia. Ntombi Shabangu for the support and for believing in me when I did not believe in myself. Forward is where we are going! // Tebogo for reminding me that I matter. // Mr Slo Ramokgoase my principal at Mamelodi High School for shaping my political thinking. // Freddy Arendse & Dancy Masemola for the guidance. // Raymond Mphunye Motau for the guidance and letting me use your toys when it all started. // Thabang Philip Tabane my best friend and brother without whom I would not have made it this far. We are still alive Bro so More Fire .Thank you for the beautiful 20 year journey. // Arabi Mocheke for granting me the opportunity of my first professional gig experience