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Children's Workshops: This is where we will add the text about the children's events

Therapeutic Theater Workshop:

This workshop fusing, movement, Poetry, body Percussion, and and play therapy and history to deal with interpersonal and developmental issues in children.

Drum Therapy:

Through our drumming circles we use different African drums and various hand Percussion to engage in group drumming to engage with group dynamics and interpersonal healing and developmental values in a dressing family preservation. The methodology we use for our workshops employs feasible framework called Circle of Courage, which is based on four principles Belonging, Mastery, Independence, Generosity. This method has been largely used world over by the National Association for the Child and You care Workers of South Africa.



An outcome based Assessment framework used methods that is able to accommodate divergent contextual factors, assessment that should be able to provide indications as to the participants archive entries in the most effective and efficient manner and ensure participants integrate and apply survival skills.

Critical Outcomes envisaged

Identify and solve problems and make decisions using critical and creative methods

Healthy and alternative to alcohol and drugs

Left and right brains integration

Self awareness and Competency

Psychoanalytical Perspective

Work effectively with others as member of a team, group organization, family orientation, communication skills

Behavioral Perspective

Organize and manage themselves and and activities responsibly and effectively

Ability to solve conflicts through none violence and creative conflict resolution

Catharsis and spiritual consciousness



Developmental need and social value has to do with sense of relationship or attachment with other human beings and is reflected in a sense of relatedness of care, love, community, Ubuntu, of respect for self and Nature



This developmental need and social value is directly linked to a deep sense of inner control or discipline and ability to responsible choices and decisions.Every young person needs a deep sense of Independence appropriate to their age.


This developmental need and social value is directly linked to a deep sense of competence and capacity which comes from the ability to successfully complete the appropriate developmental task and function effectively in family, community and society each day.



This developmental need and social value is directly linked to a deep sense of being needed and valuable, together with the desire and ability to contribute positively to the lives of those with whom the young person lives and come into contact with every day.

The Therapeutic theater workshop has gained a justified reputation of leadership development at various socio-cultural and pyscho-social developmental level of art therapy.

Arts: As part of Azah's philosophy of bringing different mediums of art together he co-founded Capital-Arts-Revolution

"Creative spaces in the capital city that is Pretoria are few and far between, so we create them. They may be temporary, they may be permanent, but WE create them. From the poetry, live music, the markets, photography and more, artists in Pretoria have taken initiative, engaging with their communities and the rest of the world. It is Our City, we transform it. CAR (Capital Arts Revolution) is a collective of artists aimed at rejuvenating selves through teaching an ideology of love and self-emancipation. The artists are part of society, not detached from it. Deeply rooted in the

identity and collective history of Africa, CAR is about people, not corporations nor the state. The arts constitute one of thevarious ways through which CAR makes this revolution in identities possible. A collective of like-minded individuals descend upon the Capital theatre in Pretoria Central. Recapitoli, a one day annual festival is running for the second year and it’s bigger.  In collaboration with the University of Pretoria, ProHelvetia and Pretoria Street photography CAR hosted this event that was free for all to partake in. Recapitoli features a public forum with a panel of scholars, musical performances, poetry, photography and more. It is part of a larger aim to have an inclusive city, transforming the Capital Theatre is only the beginning. For this one day the Capital Theatre becomes a space of creativity, no longer a parking lot. Through events such as this CAR transcends Pretoria and even the borders of South Africa. The movement has been represented across S.A and in countries such as Mozambique, Botswana and France.

Presents Melodi pitjeng tje Kgolo SETSHABA SA RANTSHO. We are a collaborative movement and a collective of art practitioners from townships in Pretoria, the continent and the world. A collective consisting of musicians, poets, photographers, designers, film markers and fine artist. We intend hosting multi-disciplinary events which celebrate

black pride, African cultures and individuals in our community who have made positive contributions towards black relevance and black identity.the purpose of this event is to promote local talent and township culture through artistic unity.we intend to make art accessible to everyone through the use of public spaces, by introducing alternative culture and cultural exchange among various people of African decent.



We plan to have an African market where we will be celebrating African culture and identity by selling African crafts accessories and clothing which are designed locally and which enhances black pride. We will also be selling traditional African cuisine which will be prepared by our very local culinary artists. We will have music concert by young artist from Mamelodi and Pretoria offering their talents in different genres. This concert MELODI PITJENG TJE KGOLO will celebrate the life of a guitar Mistro and legendary exponent of Malombo music Dr Philip Nchipi Tabane and humanitarians and political activists Dr Fabian and Florence Roberio. We will also have poets and DJs who will display works inspired by black consciousness, visual artist who will be doing live paintings during the performances and exhibitions from pulse gallery. We will have scholars from UNISA, a movement called black August which will facilitate discussion around issues of African history and identity. We want to encourage public participation through African renaissance, we want to develop vibrant and autonomous citizens by investing character building activities among our youth. WHAT DO WE DO? We conduct events and workshops in different locations in and outside pretoria (urban townships, rural/ villages) nationally and internationally.


Along with the creative activities, we are engaged in a number of community development projects which focus on life skills, family preservation, therapeutic theatre, indigenous knowledge systems, outreach programmes and tourism. We have invited Kaya FM, Gauteng Tourism, companies such as Danone and Ntsu for sponsorship. We will be extending this invitation to our local radio station and other television stations. ART WORKSHOPS Creative skills development and art education is at the base of our movement, we are committed to making art accessible to all South Africans. We want to equip the youth with skills that can help them to be more creative in everyday life challenges. We want to enhance a sense of belonging, mastery, independence, generosity and ubunthu in them. we are also keen on finding artistically gifted people whom we may promote and inspire through our artistry. The workshop programmes will also allow us to interact with our communities. Through self-reliance, we want to target the decolonisation of the mind by encouraging our young people to interrogate history through familiarising themselves with black literature. We want to incubate young entrepreneurs and future leaders. We are aware of the social ills that are affecting our communities such as HIV/AIDS, unemployment, crime, teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse. It is for this reason that we are robust in taking these challenges head on.

FORTHCOMING EVENTS We have projected future events through working with forums such as Mothamo, Capital Arts Revolution, Makotopong studio, Galaxy management organisation with similar interests. We intend to have a weekend camp at Mothong heritage where we will be having a music festival, bioscope and an African market during the day, coupled with this we will have various activities in public platforms.